Why Your Child Should Take Piano LessonsWhy Your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

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Why Your Child Should Take Piano Lessons

My name is Maria, and I have taught private piano lessons to children and adults for the past thirty years. I have found that when children are exposed to the piano, they develop discipline in life and do better in school. Music involves all types of learning from math and reading to critical thinking. Children who take piano lessons have a greater skill in these areas. This site will go over basic piano education, the reasons for private lessons and how to find the right teacher. You can enhance your child's education and possibly your child's future by enrolling your young child in piano lessons.

What To Do If You Get A Traffic Ticket

It's important that you obey the rules of the road at all times. However, most people break traffic laws on a routine basis. Speeding, parking in restricted zones, and failing to stop at stop signs can all result in a traffic ticket. If you've never received a traffic ticket before, you may be at a loss for what to do. Here are three steps you should take if you're given a ticket:

1. Don't incriminate yourself, but be polite.

When a police officer pulls you over to write you a traffic ticket, you should be as polite as possible. Remember that the police officer is just trying to do their job. Don't argue or get aggressive, since this can escalate the situation and lead to worse penalties, including arrest and larger fines. At the same time, you should avoid incriminating yourself. Don't offer any information. If the police officer asks if you know why you were pulled over, politely decline to answer the question and ask them to explain the reason to you instead.

2. Attend your court date.

You have the option of going to court when you receive a traffic ticket. If your traffic violation was minor, you may not be legally required to show up in court. If you'd rather pay the fine, you can simply mail it in to the appropriate government office along with your traffic ticket. However, it's usually in your best interest to attend your court date. You will have the opportunity to plead your case in front of a traffic judge, and in some cases, you may be able to have your fine reduced or have the ticket eliminated from your record completely.

3. Enroll in traffic school.

Traffic school isn't the same thing as driver's education. While driver's ed is geared toward beginning drivers who are trying to get their driver's licenses, traffic school is designed for drivers who have received traffic tickets. By enrolling in traffic school, you can get your fines reduced. If you committed a traffic infraction that added points to your license, you can have some of those points removed by completing a traffic course. Most people are very busy, and they don't necessarily have time to attend a physical class. Fortunately, there are traffic schools online that you can take advantage of. These online classes fulfill the same purpose as other traffic schools without the hassle.